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How Much Does it Cost?

Standard Rate for all deliveries: 
$10 Delivery Fee and 26% of the gross receipt shopping fee.                      

Veterans & Active Military:
$10 Delivery Fee and 18% of the gross receipt shopping fee. (We thank you for your sacrifice)
26% of the gross prescription receipt will be charged for shopping fees.


Minimum Order:
$13.00 shopping fee for orders less than $50 plus the $10.00 delivery fee will be applicable.

Possible additional fees: *Additional charges may be added at our discretion

$8 - Additional for each specific request to shopping at more than one location.
$20 - For orders that need to be re-delivered due to customer error, please be aware perishable items cannot be guaranteed fresh outside of confirmed scheduled delivery time.
$35 - Fee for all declined credit card transactions.
$20 - Cancellation fee: Unfortunately, since grocery stores do not accept returns on perishables, if funds have been transacted for said items, the customer will be charged for perishable items in addition to a $10 cancellation fee.  If funds have not been transacted, then there will only be a $10 cancellation fee once our driver has departed to fill order.

​$25 - Rush order fee, if delivery is needed within 24 hours of received request a rush fee may be applicable.
$.54 Per mile - Mileage fee for any deliveries beyond designated delivery area.

3% fee on total charge to help cover the Credit Card processing fees on called in CC Payments

Negotiated Deposit may be applicable for first time customers or Large Group Orders 

18% Discount rate for Veterans and Active Military.

Laundry service:
$1.25 per pound plus our standard $10 Delivery Fee

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